Currently in our school, you can come across the following people

Mgr. Eva Kopecká- Spanish

Her decision to study Spanish at high school has become her “destiny” :-) She has graduated from Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava in English and History. she is an experienced teacher, curious traveller and active reporter with a lifelong interest in Spanish and Latin culture.

Bc. Lukáš Krajčovič

Lukas studied in England. Then he decided to teach and he still likes it :-) The student’s personality is his best motivation to be creative at work. He relaxes reading books and watching series, of course in English. :-)

Doc. Mgr. Bohdan Ulašin, PhD. – Spanish / English

Bohdan graduated from Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava in English and Spanish language combination and he teaches linguistics courses at the Department of Romance Studies. He may seem strict, but you will find out yourselves that is not the case He loves his family, good literature, travelling and Spanish cuisine. And he has translated our beautiful Dobšinský’s fairy tales into Spanish

M.Sc. Eng. Daynier Rolando Delgado Sobrino, Ph.D. – Spanish / English

Daynier was born in Cuba, where, since being a child, he has been learning to like not only school, but also sports and good music. Back in Cuba, he graduated from industrial engineering and as a teacher taught also English. Since 2011 he has been living and working in Slovakia and teaching Spanish and English, what gives him a lot of joy as it reminds him of the times when he lived and worked as a teacher in Cuba.

Ing.Veronika Gáliková – Spanish / English

English and Spanish are my hobbies and passion. It makes me happy to pass on my knowledge on to my students in Trnava and to see that they enjoy our classes. Thus the results achieved constantly motivate me to continue and improve.

During our existence, we have worked with many foreign teachers

Rita Roqueta (Spain, Barcelona)

Monica Roig Muntal (Spain, Barcelona)

Patricia Verdeguer Coll (Spain, Valencia)

Marta Salamanca de la Torre (Spain, Andalusia)

Gladys Verónica Velasquez Pérez (Mexico)

Liz Luna Victoria (Peru)

Sebastian Ochea (Venezuela)