Venga! is different!

  • Our study groups are small (4-7 people in a course), which increases effectiveness of the tuition, makes it more oriented towards an individual and creates friendlier atmosphere. Mostly, there are 3-5 people in a course.

  • We teach people how to TALK! We put strong emphasis on conversation and the ability to communicate in common daily life situations. We do not use any special methods or specially adapted coursebooks. We may have a slower pace, but we want our students to really know what they are being taught! And that they can only achieve by talking and constantly listening to their own voice in a foreign language.

  • For our teachers, their job is their hobby. They are young language enthusiasts who will gladly share their enthusiasm with you. They won´t let you sleep or be bored during the classes

  • Lessons take place at different times, we organize morning and evening courses, but we try to adapt to the specific needs of our students. Our schedule is created by our students. Every student fills out an application stating what are his/her time options and then we select the best alternatives for everyone. We call you, offer you a particular time and date and if you agree, we confirm your course. You can apply HERE.

  • The next good news is our favourable prices. If you compare what you really get with the price you pay, we definitely are the most favourable choice!

  • You step into pleasant environment. If you arrive earlier, you can read a book or a magazine. You can enjoy a bite of something sweet that always awaits you or at least quench your thirst.