About us


About us

The language school Venga! specializes in Spanish and English language. It is a school for people who want learn to talk, for all of those who up to now have only had to fill in grammatical exercises or memorize some text for their school teacher, but when a flight attendant asks them what they would like to eat, they are lost for words

What our teachers have in common is their love for Spanish and/or English. Above all, we want to teach our students how to communicate in a foreign language and that is also what our classes focus on. We don´t let the students to slack off, there are constant activities and conversation going on and everyone gets a chance to talk.

Another important component of our classes is listening comprehension, but not only by means of recordings from our coursebooks, but also by using songs, news reports, series or movies. Grammar, reading and writing are present too, but it is only to such an extent, so that no one gets bored. That is why our students are very satisfied and so are we – watching them improving.

naši lektori – our teachers

Currently in our school, you can come across these people  

During our existence, we have worked with many foreign teachers:

  • Rita Roqueta (Spain, Barcelona)

  • Monica Roig Muntal (Spain, Barcelona)

  • Patricia Verdeguer Coll (Spain, Valencia)

  • Marta Salamanca de la Torre (Spain, Andalusia)

  • Gladys Verónica Velasquez Pérez (Mexico)

  • Liz Luna Victoria (Peru)

  • Sebastian Ochea (Venezuela)

o mne – about me

My interest in foreign languages has accompanied me throughout my studies at the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava. I have improved my competences while working in the USA, later on I have taught English to children and adults in the capital city of Columbia, Bogota. After finishing my university studies, I have improved my qualifications on an internship in Great Britain.

I have passed the English language exam TOEFL, General State Examination in English Language Proficiency, Specialized State Examination in English Language Proficiency for Translators and Specialized State Examination in English Language Proficiency in Economics and Commerce. As for Spanish, I have passed General State Examination in Spanish Language Proficiency and exam DELE C2.

Based on personal experience, I know how it feels to be for years learning only how to write, listen and read, to have a perfect command of grammar, but not being able to talk. And I have experienced first-hand, also as a teacher, that it is possible to do it differently. And for that there is Venga!. English and Spanish are my hobbies and passion. It makes me happy to pass on my knowledge on to my students in Trnava and to see that they enjoy our classes. Thus the results achieved constantly motivate me to continue and improve.

Ing. Veronika Gáliková, head teacher