You can apply for a course by completing this online form:

Information about courses and conditions:

The nearest courses in group start on January,12th 2014 and are to last 12 weeks. The exact schedule will be available in the third week of September at the latest.

As the capacity of the courses is limited and we only open a few groups, the students that apply in advance have their spot booked until September; afterwards, it depends on your swift payment. It is necessary to pay for the course in advance, either via wire transfer or in cash, but in cash in the first class at the latest.

*With one-to-one courses it is possible to set the starting date, duration or frequency on an individual basis. The capacity is limited, though, so it is necessary to apply in advance. If the student cannot come to a lesson and he cancels it at least a day beforehand, the lesson will be rescheduled for another time until the end of a trimester. If a teacher cannot come to a lesson for a serious reason and there is no opportunity to reschedule it throughout the course, the student will get a full refund for this particular lesson.