Since September 2014, we have started to use new coursebooks in our Spanish classes called Nos vemos!

Nos vemos! Is a coursebook that uses natural and simple teaching style. It is modern and consists of interesting topics and a well-arranged two-page grammar summary at the end of each unit. The recordings are interesting as well. You will find out yourselves!

In traditional courses of Spanish, we used to work with the coursebooks series Ven nuevo 1-3. You can order them via our school.

In the ongoing courses we still use them, they are good, but everything progresses and so do coursebooks.

In traditional courses of English we work with the coursebook series Straightforward Beginner – Advanced.  You can order them via our school.

So far, this coursebook has been the best for us. Apart from dealing with interesting topics, in our opinion, the listening exercises are very well compiled as well. Conversations sound real, people talk with actual accents of various regions and countries and there are many common colloquial phrases. Simply put, as if you really were in the UK or the US.

We also offer specialized one-to-one classes for children or preparation for language exams and in those courses we work with coursebooks we agree on with the student.